Pathways on the Schooner Adventure

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Local groups show children what life was like on the high seas

The Schooner Adventure hosted the second of two dockside educational programs this year for Pathways for Children students ages 7 to 8 as well as a sail for students ages 9 to 12.

Pathways on the Schooner Adventure
Courtesy photo/Pathways for Children students took a sail on the schooner Adventure, part of program made possible by gifts totaling $15,000 from several donors.

Pathways for Children is a leading provider of early education and child care programs serving children and their families from 13 communities on Cape Ann and the North Shore. Several generous gifts, totaling $15,000, make it possible over the next two years for children in Pathways School Age Care Program to sail on the schooner Adventure, as well as take two dockside tours of this beautifully restored historic fishing vessel and take advantage of the educational opportunities this floating classroom provides.

Thanks to the generosity of the Bruce J. Anderson Foundation, Capt. Stefan Edick, and Board Members of Schooner Adventure and Pathways for Children, the two local organizations are able to work together toward their mission of educating children.

This past July, 21 Pathways children ages 9 to 12 went on their first 3-hour sail. A perfect day for sailing, the schooner glided out past the Gloucester Harbor breakwater mesmerizing passengers and crew alike. Students learned about life aboard working fishing vessels; things like cooking, cleaning, and the art of knot tying. They even helped hoist the sails under the direction of very knowledgeable volunteers and caring crew. This is the first time a group of students have been aboard the Adventure since 1988.

“These programs fulfill Adventure’s longstanding goal of connecting the young people of Cape Ann with the extraordinary history and heritage that she represents- their history and heritage,” said Capt. Edick, Schooner Adventure’s executive director. “We are grateful for the sponsors who made the programs possible, and we are looking forward to working with Pathways again next year.”

The dockside tours and educational programs for students ages 7 to 8 also provided the students with opportunities to learn about life at sea, maritime history, environmental and cultural issues. Both organizations are thrilled to have the opportunity to work together.

Sue Todd, Pathways CEO, said “Being given the chance to sail and explore the Adventure and to learn about Gloucester’s maritime heritage in a hands-on way is an invaluable educational tool and a memorable experience our children will not soon forget. It is the unique opportunities like this that make the Pathways experience exceptional for our children. We are so grateful for the support of our community and our partnership with the Schooner Adventure.”

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