THE DEKE June 1, 2019

More than $40,000 Raised for The Deacon Harris Memorial Fund at Pathways!

A word about this special event from Pathways’ President & CEO Sue Todd:

The Bistro at North Shore Music Theater was the perfect setting to celebrate the life and many gifts of Deacon Winslow Harris – “Deke” as he was fondly referred to by his many friends and loved ones. Deke was only on this earth for 30 years before an undiagnosed heart defect robbed so many of the gifts he had to offer. I have enjoyed a long friendship with Deke’s parents, Debra Glabeau and Ken Harris, and  his sister Morgan Day Harris. Six months ago, they reached out to me with a request – would we join them in planning a celebration of Deke’s life well-lived and honor Pathways in the process. It was a humbling moment for me and I gratefully accepted on Pathways behalf. Kim Paratore, Pathways’ manager of special events and campaigns, rolled up her sleeves and joined Morgan and a small posse of volunteers putting her creativity to work crafting a magical evening.

Deke was a loving son, brother, friend and valued employee of Analogic.  He loved, music, theater and people – he was the life of the party. The setting was the perfect reflection of his joie de vivre. Many people shared stories about his selflessness and generous spirit. I believe he would have given anyone the shirt off his back since I was told he gave his brother-in-law, Ryan, the hat off his head when he admired it. His sister said “Deke loved to paint the town orange” and over 200 guests did just that! Fond memories were shared and fabulous items were auctioned. Karaoke showcased talents and dancing capped off a most memorable evening. His fierce bear hugs left one almost breathless but knowing they were special and cared about. He lived his life committed to making our world a better place in which to live – one relationship at a time. He loved children and he loved everything Pathways stands for.

I share my deep appreciation to all who made this special event so meaningful on behalf of Pathways’ children, families, board and staff.

Sue Todd