Pathways for Children Announces Emergency Response Fund.

Pathways is committed to supporting our children, families, employees, and community – especially those who are disproportionately impacted by social distancing, job loss and the disruption of our daily lives. The future of this evolving health and financial crisis is unclear for us all, and for many the challenges they face are greater and more pronounced with each day that passes.

In an effort to address the inevitable hardships our community will face over the coming months, Pathways has established an Emergency Response Fund to help us maintain steady support for our children, families and programs during these challenging times. Our goal is to ensure that we are well-positioned to respond effectively to emerging needs.

Please consider a gift today to our Emergency Response Fund to help us continue the support that our most at-risk children and families count on. Gifts can be made online by clicking HERE or by calling 978-515-5350 (messages will be returned).