Sue Todd Opportunity Fund

Sue Todd – fearless leader, tireless advocate and champion for all – is retiring December 31, 2020 after 40 years with Pathways for Children.

Sue has dedicated her career to creating opportunity for everyone, especially those most challenged by circumstance or resources. Sue’s commitment to providing the highest quality care and education for those in greatest need – children AND their caregivers – is the fuel behind the growth and evolution of Pathways for Children.

The Sue Todd Opportunity Fund will provide Pathways with resources needed to respond to unforeseen needs today and opportunities tomorrow.

As we continue to operate in this period of unprecedented disruption, it has become evident that while we do our best to plan for the future, the future is not always ours to control. Please consider making meaningful gift to the fund in honor of Sue, and the many lives her passion has directly impacted.

Caring for Today, Teaching for Tomorrow

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