While there may be many ways to measure the work we do, we believe our families, volunteers, and supporters say it best.

“My daughter has been at Pathways since she was one. I’ve never known such wonderful people who give of themselves year after year. Here I am 12 years later. My daughter is 13 years old, beautiful, and strong because of Pathways.” – Kandy

“Nelson truly relished the privilege of the extra learning time that the summer program provided for him. For me as a job-searching parent, the opening paid off in so many ways. I’m truly grateful to all who made it possible.” – Evelyn

“Volunteering at Pathways has been such a joy for me, my heart swells with happiness as soon as I walk through the doors and see the smiles on the children’s faces when they see me. Parents have told me what it means to them that I am there for their children. I enjoy telling stories to the children (they love my version of Jack and the Bean Stalk); they will see me in the halls and ask me to do the funny voice. This is the GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!” – Adelard (Mr. Del) Charron

Caring for Today, Teaching for Tomorrow

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